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Hello, fellow  a game by its cover Browser or MoonWink games "Fan".

What we have here for now (9/26/2017) is a placeholder for a game based on this Famicase entry http://famicase.com/17/softs/015 by @sonic9jct  

While i've been struggling with a bit of sickness and some other troubles, there is a bit of advancement that has been accomplished here, but none of it in an state that i would feel confortable sharing right now .

my plans are still to release at least a demo by the fourth of next mont as my last OneGameAMonth Entry ever wich might come out later this month (10/2017)  (for now, i'll be making games that take me more than a month and retooling some things I did during the year ). 

thanks for  reading and hopefully by the time you read this there is already a demo html version of the game here .

best wishes, the moon wink games team (me)

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