best played on a mobile phone with full screen.

A demo for a twine based visual novel Engine.

The start of a story for testing twine for visual novels.

To advance the story press the button on the right upper corner.

all code b was made by me along with the character portraits

background by

Sorry for the entry being too sparse to be a "real" Nanoreno entry, but I better try and enter something, that regret not trying for the rest of my life (it has happened before)

More information

Published25 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorMoon Wink Games
Tagsdemo, Horror, Visual Novel


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Going fullscreen on desktop stretches the image instead of maintaining the original aspect ratio. Is that the intended behavior?

Mostly an error in my part for only testing on 16:9 monitors

Thanks for pointing that out.

No problem. This seems like a really useful tool for making short VNs. Looking forward to the full release of the engine so I can try it out =)