To turn off music, Press 0 (zero) on the keyboard)

Currently on the web player (post jam version 1 .1)

A  strategy game demo for Ludum dare 39 .

destroy the alien creatures to reach victory , in this retro styled ,not as well animated as i would like , throwback to strategy games controls .

improvements over jam version 


  • menu
  • new level layout
  • winning and loosing conditions.


  • multi unit select shortcuts
  • music by

In case the new tutorial doesn't work for ya.


R:restart game;
esc: exit game 

mouse left :select unit (your units are the blue ones, if you select a white one you will see its range of view)
mouse left + shift + drag : select various units

mouse left around the screen . move the camera.

mouse right , moves units , make units break rocks , signals unit to attack (units dont attack by themselves even if they are being attacked . the are robots . they feel no pain)

all units including your beacons (units that dont run out of energy automatically and are selectable from the start) loose their energy then it's game over


RoboPowerStrat pc jam version 8 MB
Download 6 MB
Robot Power Strat Win Post Jam 1.1 9 MB

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